Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Upcoming workshop: Take your herb garden to the next level!

Hello SHS members and friends,

We are really excited to be giving a workshop with the SHS on April 28 at 7PM (on Zoom) and wanted to provide some details to hopefully entice you to attend!

At Bergamot & Basil Specialty Herbs our mission is to have a large selection of quality herb bedding plants for you to take back to your garden, patio or deck and start exploring in a new way.  We want to be your herb plant supplier and get you excited about what you are growing and making at home.

Our focus on flavour and function strives to inspire gardeners to try both classic and new-to-you herbs to expand your reach in the garden and the kitchen. We are passionate about exploring international cuisines as well as improving habitats for beneficial insects.

Our workshop is called Take Your Herb Garden to the Next Level! This will not be a “how-to-grow” workshop (though we will throw in our favourite tips and be happy to answer your growing questions) but rather an interactive discussion about some of our favourite plants we’ve come across the past few years that we want you to know about! We want to introduce you to the wide array of herbs available beyond parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme and get you excited to grow some new-to-you plants that will up your game in the kitchen and/or promote more biodiversity in your garden.

We encourage you to check out the plant listing on our website to get an idea of the herbs we’ll be discussing. The workshop is free for SHS members or $10 for non-members, but remember that memberships are only $15 and quickly pay for themselves in discounts at local garden centres. To sign up, email

We look forward to meeting you on April 28!

-Robyn & Kaila, Bergamot & Basil Specialty Herbs

PS: We’ll also be selling our plants at the SHS Spring Plant and Water Gardening Fundraiser on May 14!

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